TECH•N•O is located within on the most beautiful cultural and natural landscapes of Germany, in the Odenwald. The variety of possibilities stand for a high living quality.

The cities and municipalities Mosbach, Obrigheim, Haßmersheim, Neckarzimmern and Schwarzach are the holders of the inter-communal Business Park TECH•N•O.

The tourist centre is located in Mosbach's historical Old City. Impressive half-timbered buildings and houses (e.g. the Palm'sche House) and the winding alleys of the Old City create a romantic atmosphere. With the culture and conference centre "Alte Mälzerei", a forum for music, theatre and artworks has been created. The "Mosbacher Sommer" with more than 40 different cultural events became an integral part of the cultural life of the region. Sport fields, indoor tennis courts, riding stables, golf courses, a gliding field, paragliding, ballooning, bike and hiking trails and a varied club and association life leave nothing to be desired regarding recreational activities.

Neckarzimmern invites you to the castle "Hornberg." The former seat of the Knight Götz von Berlichingen (not only famous for his well-known sentence) is an impressive castle construction with a panoramic view to the magnificent river landscape of the Neckar.

Obrigheim, Schwarzach and Haßmersheim

Obrigheim with it's castle Neuburg, Schwarzach with it's family orientated and species-rich wildlife park and Haßmersheim with it's magnificent location at the river and close to the castle "Guttenberg" (with it's well-known Raptor Centre) are further community members of the administration union.

All TECH•N•O municipalities offer specifically declared residential areas for very affordable prices for building and construction land. Concerning families with children, there is a general support for the construction of housing in many places.

Also regarding living quality - the future begins here!

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