Sinsheimer Kunststofftechnik is coming
Monday, 10. December 2012

Another company settles down in the Technology  & Business Park Neckar-Odenwald (TECH·N·O). The Sinsheimer Kunststofftechnik GmbH will take over the production halls of Messrs Strüber in the Technology Park.

In June 2010, Messrs. Knipping Kunststofftechnik Strüber GmbH sold the already closed down business area to Messrs. Zirkon Grundstücks GmbH. Tenant will now be SKT Sinsheimer Kunststofftechnik GmbH.

SKT Sinsheimer Kunstofftechnik was founded on the 1st July 2000 and is a family managed company.

Thermoplastic parts and form parts made of fluid silicon are produced. Besides technical plastic parts, the company also produces seals and membranes. These products are used in nearly all areas of industry, especially in the automotive supply industry and mechanical engineering but also in the cooling and building technology and last but not least in the medical technology. SKT's largest customers come from the automobile industry with a share of turnover of more than 80%. You will find plastic parts produced by SKT in the interior of nearly all makes of cars. The latest realised project was a part package for the Porsche Panamera. In the area of fluid silicon, SKT is one of the market and technology leaders in Germany, the growth potential of this sector is enormous.

The company wants to proceed it's successful history at the new location. The industry business is leaded by the General Manager, Mr. Uwe Heiss.

SKT presently employs 60 people and is part of a company group with 130 employees and a total turnover of more than 20 million Euro.

The Manager is optimistic that the growth process at the location Obrigheim will result in a higher manpower requirement within the next few years. Especially for the part production and the tools technology, more employees will be necessary. The company will, furthermore, invest in apprenticeships and training. Apprenticeships on the technical (process mechanics/technicians, toolmaker) as well as on the commercial sector (office administrators) will be offered.

General Manager Mr. Uwe Heiss: „TECH·N·O, above all business promoter Alfred Schumacher, has convinced us. We found a tailored solution here at an attractive location offering us every  opportunity to improve our processes and to proceed the taken growth course optimally".

Reason for moving was the fact that the rented company building in Sinsheim-Weiler with it's approx. 2.000 square meters became too small. Also the process and the infrastructure were not contemporary. The present production halls are tailored for SKT and have a production area  with offices and open area of 3.300 square meters with possibilities to extend it. The existing building could be taken over without several changes in the first step.

The economic area Mosbach with the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, but also still the proximity to the autobahn A 6 mean best perspectives to the General Manager, Mr. Uwe Heiss. He appreciated to let himself be convinced about the advantages of TECH·N·O.

The Executive Directors of  the TECH·N·O promoter, the administration union GE-NO, Lord Mayor Jann as well as Mayor Lauer, Dietrich, Stuber and Haaf see the settlement as a result of intensive and very personal "full-service-location-marketing" of the TECH·N·O Management. Furthermore, it has been shown that the concept of being able to offer a fully developed and buildable area but also - as in this case - a free production area worked very well.

In times when each day of loss of production is an economic disaster, this is a telling argument. „A company planning constructive measures and transfer/moving wants to realise this project immediately. This is exactly what we enable it to do", said Lord Mayor Michael Jann.

Mosbach's business promoter, Mr. Alfred Schumacher, being responsible for the participating municipalities Obrigheim, Haßmersheim, Mosbach, Neckarzimmern and Schwarzach as General Manager of the administration union GENO,  is sure: „The advantages of the business park were also obvious to SKT: here, the company can move into ideal production premises". „A good and solid location choice", assesses the Union Manager, Mr. Michael Jann, together with his colleagues, thanking the General Manager Mr. Heiss for this decision. „We regard this settlement in the Technology & Business Park with some pride, especially in times when the business news talk about bankruptcy and dismissals".

The company is already now looking forward to the new building in the „Kraichgaublick 20“ in the Technology Park Neckartal-Odenwald.

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