Structural support of the European Union for TECH•N•O - interested parties:

On the 01.01.2008 the support directive for the ELR-Program (development program rural area) came into force. This program offers favourable financing possibilities to medium-sized companies investing in rural areas in Baden-Württemberg and providing a securing or creation of new jobs by erection, expanding or purchase with help of support or loan.

Development program rural area (ELR)

Business enterprises from the sectors industry, trade, handcraft, tourism and service are supported. Measures of two support priorities of the ELR-Program are supported. Measures for securing the basic care of population with goods and private services (program priority "Basic Care") as well as erection, take-over, expansion and moving of enterprises (program priority "Work"). Costs for purchase of land and building measures (new or rebuilding) as well as costs for factory equipment are financed. Not financed are motor vehicles, stocks and operating facility requirements.
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We would be pleased to inform you about this attractive support possibility.

Further interesting support programs:

Technology support program

Companies receive especially favourable support loans for investments in innovative technologies with which you can, for example, finance production systems and machines. Moreover, the technology credits are usable regarding costs for adjustment development or market development.

The L-Bank offers you technology credits in co-operation with the KfW Mittelstandsbank based on the KfW Program "Entrepreneur Loan". The L-Bank additionally reduces the anyway favourable interest rates of this program. Furthermore, the L-Bank renounces a whole year on commitment interest.

Small and medium-sized enterprises receive an additional interest reduction for their technology project from EU means. The financial means come from an European Fond for regional development (EFRE) for the purpose of „stengthening the regional competitiveness and employment" (RWB).

Guarantees of the "Bürgschaftsbank" (Baden-Württemberg)

Guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for founders of new business from industrial economy and freelancers - for loans and credit lines, lease financing, refinancing, rescheduling and participation in KMU, in case of projects in Baden-Württemberg for investments and operating facility requirements.

ERP - Equity assistance program EKH (Federal program)

Support for trading companies and freelancers for the first or repeated start-up, for take-over or for active participation. Investments like building or property costs, machines, material stocks etc. with risky loans up to 25% (stock 39%) of the investment needs having an unlimited liability towards other creditors (equity function). At least 15% equity is necessary for support.

ERP - Business start-up program (Federal program)

Support for business start-up by erection, purchase or participation of/in companies of the industrial economy as well as business consolidation within 3 years after start-up by additional investments. Supported are investments like property, buildings, machines, vehicles etc. with loans of up to 50 % of the investment needs - with other official means, max. 66,6 %.

Start-up and growth financing Baden-Württemberg (GuW)

(Program to support business start-up and consolidation)
Support of business start-up in Baden Württemberg regarding the areas handcraft, trade, industry, service and small business, hotel and catering industry as well as regarding freelancers working for the economy. This program supports investments for e.g. property, building measures, machines, equipment, vehicles etc. as well as for take-over respectively participation costs.

MBG-Participation program (State program)

Support for business start-up and consolidation as well as take-over for small and medium-sized enterprises up to a turnover of 40 million € in Baden-Württemberg for investments, innovations, operating facilities etc. as well as pay-out and redemption. The support takes place in form of participation and equity participation.

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