Urban development framework plan

Area 40 ha
1. Construction section 26 ha
Building law legal building plan since 1997
Kind of use commercial/industrialiet (GE / GI)
Number of base areas (GRZ) 0,5 – 0,8
Number of floor areas (GFZ) 0,8 –1,4
Plot/property sizes from 1.600 qm

Structure of use
The plots in the industrial area can be built on independently from each other. The ground module is a 40m x 80m area with a base area of 3,200 square meters. This can be divided into 1,600 square meters units or can be combined to larger units in order to flexibly meet your user demands. Unused remaining areas and over-sized reserve areas will, therefore, be avoided. Furthermore, we will additionally and on demand reserve an additional option area for each new enterprise without any charges up to the size of his commercial property/plot in order to enable him to dispose flexibly in case of extension or expansion.

Construction typology
2 to 4 floor buildings - depending on the respective mixed-use - with different appearance and design standards: pure office buildings, office and laboratory buildings, workshop buildings and halls.

Building permission procedure
We guarantee an uncomplicated, fast proceeding of your outline building application and permission. A 24-hours production is possible.


Bebauungsvorschlag für Gewerbegrundstück 2610
Standort- und Grundstücksinformation Gewerbegrundstück 2610

Bebauungsvorschlag für Gewerbegrundstück 2615
Standort- und Grundstücksinformation Gewerbegrundstück 2615

Bebauungsvorschlag für Gewerbegrundstück für Produktion, Lager und Logistik
Standort- und Grundstücksinformation Gewerbegrundstück für Produktion, Lager und Logistik

Development plan
Please download the development plan here as a Pdf.
Please find the sign explaination and regulation regarding the development plan in written here as a Pdf.